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Combinatorix is a puzzle game where your aim is to get a ball from the starting box in a maze of tiles to the end. To do so you'll need to use different automation commands to, for instance, make the ball change direction, move diagonally, or jump other tiles.

The game is divided into two well differentiated sections. In the first you have to set the automatons on the tiles where you think they'll be necessary. And during the second part you've just got to observe whether your ball makes it to the endpoint ... or whether you've bungled up the operation and have to try again.

You can pick from several different balls, and though they change the look of the game, they don't change the gameplay or anything. And there are several dozen levels to get through whose difficulty gets considerably harder. At first, for example, you've just got to get to the tile at the end, but as you carry on the number of tiles you have to pass through also increases.

Combinatorix is an original and entertaining puzzle game, and even without particularly stellar graphics it manages to present an addictive gaming experience.

Requires Android 4.1 or higher.

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